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Our most popular service! 

Transform the roof of your car into the illusion of a star-filled night sky. This special headlining material creates a magical ambience using hundreds of fibre-optic lights.


Vinyl wrap protects the original paint. Wherever vinyl wrap is applied to a car’s surface, the paint underneath is safely covered. This may be especially important if you have an expensive metallic paint on the vehicle or if you have a classic car and want to enhance its value and appearance.


Adding new automotive upholstery to your car, truck, or SUV is a great way to improve your driving experience while raising the value of it as well. The part of your interior that gets worn the worst is usually the seat material. When you’re reupholstering your vehicle, if you go with us, it all starts with choosing your design.


We offer products and installation for HID Lights, LED Lights, Fog Lights, Halo Lights, Under Car Lights, Grille Lights, Logo Emblem Ghost Lights, Off-Road Lights, Headlight Assemblies, Tail Light Assemblies, Sidemarker Lights, Lighting Kits and More.

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